Check out the Mac Caddy on Kickstarter. It’s a clip-on caddy designed to specifically fit on the back of current iMacs. That’s the slim edge 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac design from late 2012 to current 2017 models. In addition to being a caddy to help reduce desk clutter, it also has a built-in camera cover for those concerned about privacy. There are cable slots on the side, as well as compartments for your stuff. The company has raised US$2,600 towards a goal of $18,000 so far, with 27 days to go. Funding is earmarked for tooling to put the Mac Caddy into production. As of this writing, there are Early bird slots available for $30 that will net you a Mac Caddy. As someone with a messy desk, it instantly resonated with me.

Check It Out: Mac Caddy on Kickstarter Sits on Your iMac, Includes Camera Cover

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  1. geoduck

    I’m not sure about putting weight on the iMac. My 27″ tilt moves quite easily. OTOH it would be a great place to park my backup disk and pens. But you had me with the camera cover. That sold it for me.

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