A mild controversy with the Mac Pro is that the wheels don’t come with locks, which is something to keep in mind if you’re the type to put a wheeled device on your desk. My opinion is that you probably shouldn’t put any wheeled device on any surface higher than the ground. But if that’s something you want to do and you have a 3D printer, someone uploaded plans for a Mac Pro wheel stopper on Thingiverse.

Check It Out: You Can 3D Print This Mac Pro Wheel Stopper

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  1. thomast0001

    Cute, but why bother? Just use caster cups. They’re cheap, with many kinds to choose from. If someone was inclined to put a wheeled machine on their desk (which is a terrible idea!), caster cups would be much safer than a 3D printed chock. In fact, caster cups are the solution for all the pontificators raging about the lack of locking wheels.

    The only thing I’d say is don’t confuse exorbitant pricing with lack of “features” (which are likely unnecessary for the vast majority of use cases). They aren’t the same thing.

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