UI-UX designer Kévin Eugène created a macOS desktop concept experience. He calls it macOS Newton, but he doesn’t redesign apps, just the overall experience of the desktop. Like, not using windows for apps, but instead something called Flows. It opens apps into fullscreen mode like on iOS. Multiple apps can be summoned from a Flow Strip, a bar on top of the dock. Flows, like Shortcuts, are programmable. You can open up a Flow of multiple apps in a certain order with a click. All-in-all I think the concept is interesting, although I can’t see Apple ever wildly changing macOS like this.

Check It Out: Redesigning the macOS Desktop Concept Experience

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  1. Jamie

    I think it’s interesting too, but it doesn’t bear itself out for real world use. The reason I have a Mac in addition to my iOS devices is because I need to see what is going on with my programs and system simultaneously with whatever I’m doing. This, though really cool, just doesn’t work for power users. Things are shaping up to be interesting, nevertheless. With the new MacBooks and Apple openly embracing eGPU, I think convergence is going to be pretty dang cool when all is said and done. Then again, it’s the same stuff we used to have inside the ‘box’, I still fail to see how adding things to our systems peripherally is any kind of innovation.

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