I found a fun new mathy kind of puzzle game for you called Magic Square Puzzle. It’s from Japanese developer Tristore, and it’s pretty cool. Borrowing from a number of disparate flavors of such games, it gives you a grid of numbers. Your job is to arrange them in order so that every row adds up to a certain number. At the “Easy” level, you only have to line up the horizontal rows, and there are only three rows. At the hard level, you have a 4 x 4 grid, and you have to line up the horizontal and vertical rows, as well as two horizontal rows. That’s well beyond my ability to solve, but there are four levels of difficulty. Oh, and you can’t drag any number to any square you want. Instead, by sliding a number up, down, or sideways, you rotate the entire row. Numbers fiends will love this stuff. One last thing: in the screenshots below, I cut out the ads at the top of the screen. On the other hand, the game is free and there are no in-app purchases. Personally, I’d love an in-app purchase to go ad-free.

Check It Out: Magic Square Puzzle for iPhone, a Fun Game for Numbers Nerds

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