Microsoft unveiled the new 14.4″ Surface Laptop Studio on Wednesday. Users can alternate between using the device as a laptop or tablet. It also offers Slim Pen storage and charging too, much like the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. A new video outlines all the available features.

Check It Out: Microsoft Unveils New Surface Laptop Studio

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  1. W. Abdullah Brooks, MD


    Hilarious. Many thanks for that quick tea break.

    As I sit here working from my (finally?) purchased 12.9” iPad Pro, I continue to muse over Apple’s decision to continue to fetter this device so that it does not outperform their MacBook lineup, despite all being powered by the same chipsets, initially pioneered on the iPad Pro before being rolled out to the Mac. The iPad Pro continues to be engage the user through an anaemic OS, enjoy an underperforming Thunderbolt bus, cannot support aspect ratio adjusted external monitoring or non-mirrored monitoring, windowing or a fully functional file system – to name but a few of a litany of identified limitations. If unchained, there is nothing out there that could match its current potential.

    When they are ready, presumably when there is a critical mass of the user base prepared to adopt a touchscreen fully-functional portable computer, the iPad line will be ready to rip off its glasses, step out of the phone booth, and faster than a speeding bullet, leap tall buildings in a single bound.

    Until then, it’s Clark Kent. Riding a school bus to grade school.

      • W. Abdullah Brooks, MD


        Thanks for asking. I think you misunderstand, or perhaps my sense of humour was a bit too dry.

        I love my iPad Pro, and update this device more than any other device in my Apple arsenal. As you might notice around the internet, certainly YouTube, most iPad Pro enthusiasts recognise that the device could be so much more capable, and that Apple appear not to be ready to unleash it. Although it has the same internals as the MacBooks, it underperforms on those same metrics I mentioned above.

        That’s a corporate decision, which as I’ve commented before citing recent user polling data, only about 1 in 6 Apple users appear to use the iPad for productivity. Apple’s decision is thus rational, despite our disappointment with iPadOS 15, apps’ ability to access more than 5-6 GB of RAM (although that might have been fixed; benchmarks pending), and improved but limited multitasking capability. But for most enthusiasts, myself included, this remains our favoured productivity device, using the Mac for the tasks we cannot do on the iPad Pro. It’s forever changed my workflow.

        So, we bide our time, confident that our superhero will yet have its day.

      • W. Abdullah Brooks, MD

        Thanks. Just after I wrote that, I looked it up and saw that it was fixed (should have looked first). Anyway, it’s still one of Apple’s best devices. Ever.

    • John Kheit

      Totally agree with you. I have the 2tb version and the so totally holds it back. They should let this thing boot up as a full Mac when attached to the keyboard and trackpad.

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