Apple is working hard on finishing Apple Park, the so-called spaceship HQ. It’s expected to open in the next several weeks, and new drone footage from YouTuber Duncan Sinfield shows what he called “finishing touches.” There are shots of the trees being planted, inside work through the glorious windows, and more. It’s an excellent look at just how far Apple Park has come since an ailing Steve Jobs pitched it to the Cupertino City Council.

Check It Out: Mid-April Drone Footage Shows Apple Park ‘Finishing Touches’

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  1. Hagen

    … except that Apple is currently occupying over 60 buildings around the area, and rumor is that once the new campus opens, few if any of those building will be vacated. So Apple has a large buffer of more easily expended buildings that they can leave before central operations become a problem.

    In the late 1990s, Apple let go more than half of the buildings it was using, including most of the buildings along DeAnza avenue, but they kept the Infinite Loop and the Cupertino City Center as their… well, center of operations. Whilst other business decisions meant Apple vacated City Center, the rest of DeAnza has slowly been re-absorbed into the Apple presence.

    Once Apple moves in to the giant ring that is Apple Park, it will essentially require the demise of Apple as a company for them to leave it. Don’t bet on that for a LONG time.

  2. joe_u

    Seen many corporations invest in a Taj Mahal like structure due to perceived business expansion plans. Then business downturn ocurs, people are laid off and many parts of the facility are shut down. Then the task of subletting the structure to smaller corporations begins. Apple Park sure looks like a architectural marvel but could become a large white elephant if Apple hits a downturn or at some point in time gets bought out / merges with some other corporation. This stuff happens over time. This will be a difficult structure to sublet or find an alternative use for if Apple goes belly-up which will be a very large headache for Cupertino. Maybe Pentagon West?

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