So it turns out you can run Doom on your Porsche 911. What’s that? You don’t have a Porsche 911? No worries, it will supposedly work on some other cars, too. No, really. YouTuber Vexal posted a how-to and demonstration of doing this terrible idea. I mean…you play by turning your steering wheel, accelerating, changing gears, and honking your horn. What could go wrong, right? By which I mean, don’t do this at home. Or anywhere. But do, absolutely, watch Vexal play the game. And if you’re wondering about that toaster in the passenger seat, be sure to watch Vexal’s video on modding a toaster to be a Doom controller

Check It Out: How to Mod a Porsche 911 or Other Car to Run Doom in 3 Easy Steps

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  1. geoduck

    OMG I’m howling. Love the idea of controlling Doom with a steering wheel, shifter, But in a car that you’re actually driving? No good can come from this.

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