Mogees released Mogees Keys for iPhone and iPad Monday. This is a companion app for Mogees Pro (US$129.99 on Amazon) and Mogees Play (coming soon), both of which are centered around the Mogees Vibration Sensor. That’s a microphone, to you and me, and it’s designed to turn any surface, anything, into a musical instrument. Mogees Pro or Play pick up the vibrations and send them to the app, where those vibrations are turned into something akin to MIDI input. Mogees Keys uses a keyboard metaphor for this process. The video below shows it in action. As a drummer, I enjoy things like #vfhitthings on Instagram (and elsewhere). Mogees Pro and Mogees Keys is sort of an extension of that innate desire many musicians have to turn everything into an instrument. Mogees Keys is a free app, but it requires the above-mentioned hardware.

Check It Out: Mogees Keys with Mogees Pro and Play Makes Everything an Instrument

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