One of the things I miss most about my Zenith now that I wear Apple Watch almost exclusively is the deployant clasp. This is a kind of buckle that folds/unfolds and closes with a snap. A quality deployant clasp is…simply lovely to use. With my Apple Watch Series 2, I have a nylon strap (that I like) that uses an old-fashioned buckle. It’s like I’m some king of animal, or something. And yes, I’m so kidding, but I love a good deployant clasp. A friend was shopping for third party Apple Watch straps and pointed me to Monowear’s Leather Deployant Band. At $89.99 (currently on sale for $71.99), it’s inexpensive for a real-leather strap with a deployant clasp (YMMV on whether that’s inexpensive). I haven’t tested one yet, but I’m intrigued. I like the stitching, and they do a variety of metal finishes and leather colors.

Check It Out: Monowear Leather Deployant Band for Apple Watch

Monowear Leather Deployant Band for Apple Watch
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