USA Today writes: “Remember the Motorola Razr from the early 2000s? Motorola’s super-thin, metallic flip phone that was the “it” phone before the iPhone and Galaxy started a smartphone revolution. Well, if a new report [from the WSJ] is to be believed, it will soon be making a comeback.”

Estimated price ::cough:: US$1,500.

Screen size and 5G details aren’t yet known. But it seems like an uphill battle against modern smartphones with edge-to-edge displays. Maybe useful as a second phone? We’ll have to see if this fantasy from the past pans out.

Check It Out: Motorola Razr Flip Phone Making a Comeback

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  1. CudaBoy

    Genius; the kind of thinking Apple can not do because of it’s “weight” and molasses slow unfocused corporate climate. Form follows function; the idea one needs to carry a Swiss army knife of computing wrapped around a phone form is played out. Apple and others are stuck in bigger faster fancier etc. when the truth is more likely talking and texting is 90% of what a smart phone ends up doing….. That price is psychedelic though – I’d make it “the people’s phone” and make it slick, thin , faster than heck with no bit crushing wasteful apps clogging the pipeline – and try to make a model around $250-$300. 🎬

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