Netflix launched its own internet speed test website a few months ago, and now the streaming entertainment company has turned the Fast site into an iPhone and iPad app. Just like the website, the Fast app is a one trick pony: launch it, and you’ll see how fast your internet connection is. Fast shows just your download speed, which is what most people care about anyhow, and there’s a button to check your connection speed again. Netflix Fast is a free download at Apple’s App Store.

Check It Out: Netflix Fast Internet Speed Test Comes to iPhone

Netflix Fast Internet Speed Test Comes to iPhone

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  1. paikinho

    Seems there are big differences in the speeds I am getting from Charter’s own Speediest 65,
    From Speediest 32, and from Fast 20-29

    Not sure why there is such a disparity.

    I have suspected that Charter doctors the test for when you run it.
    Seems like they clear the path.

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