OWC Copy That is a new app from OWC that makes it easy to back up your photos and videos to external storage. Copy That includes smart copy functions that streamline the copy process. You can exclude screenshots and selfies and decide what you want to do with existing files. Copy That puts you in control of your data. These settings are sticky: Once they are set, they become your default settings until you change them. This makes it a breeze to copy files in batches whenever you need. In-app purchases give additional copy features including verified copies to make sure your files are safe, and deletion that removes the files from your device after the copy is complete.

Check It Out: Back Up Photos and Videos With New App ‘OWC Copy That’

Back Up Photos and Videos With New App ‘OWC Copy That’

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  1. paikinho

    Yippie. I have been looking for a solution for my launch into organizing my 70K photo/video collection. This is a helpful tool to give me an easier baseline that is safer.

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