New Game ‘Humankind’ Offers a Civilization-Like Experience

Players of Civilization and Crusader Kings will find this new game called Humankind very similar. The tagline is: “Create your own civilization by combining 60 historical cultures from the Ancient to the Modern Age. Each culture brings its special gameplay layer, leading to near-endless outcomes. Face historical events, take impactful moral decisions, and make scientific breakthroughs. Discover the natural wonders of the world or build the remarkable creations of humankind.“ It’s available for macOS and Windows through Steam, Epic Games, Microsoft Store, and Stadia. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support the latest versions of macOS, at least through Steam.

One thought on “New Game ‘Humankind’ Offers a Civilization-Like Experience

  • Andrew:

    FYI: copied this to my son, who is a serious Civilisation player. Not surprisingly, he already knew about this, had purchased it, but on purchase was informed that only the PC version is available, that this was a ‘hard’ decision on the developers’ part, and that the Mac version would be available in the coming ‘weeks’, and that they would notify him when he could download it.
    Lack of precision notwithstanding, Mac users might want query the site prior to purchase, if they’d prefer waiting for immediate access.

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