OmniFocus 2 Beefs Up Server Encryption

OmniFocus 2 Beefs Up Server Encryption

OmniFocus already encrypts your tasks database, but your files stored on the sync server were susceptible to hackers. That changes with OmniFocus 2.6.1 for the Mac and 2.15 for the iPhone and iPad. The update ensures your OmniFocus files are securely encrypted when they’re at rest on the server, protecting you from nosey hackers interested in how you spend your day—which, it turns out, might include making sure OmniFocus is as secure as possible. OmniFocus 2 is priced starting at US$39.99 and is available on the App Store and Mac App Store.

Check It Out: OmniFocus 2 Beefs Up Server Encryption

One thought on “OmniFocus 2 Beefs Up Server Encryption

  • Who holds the keys? Does the Omni Group keep the keys? If so, what is their keystore policy? How are the keys protected? What are their key recovery processes?

    If Omni holds the keys then all they did was lower the risk a little. They not only still have the keys that could be compromised, depending on the their keystore policies, but they can also be subpoenaed by any government agency, including receiving a National Security Letter, and your data is compromised.

    Sorry… I’m a paranoid security guru who has believed in trust no one (TNO) long before it became fashionable!

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