PaceTrail Global Card Tracker Fits in Your Wallet

Losing your luggage can really put a damper on your vacation or business trip. Losing your wallet will ruin your whole day. Sure, you can put various tracking devices in your wallet or on your luggage, but those have limitations. Either the batteries don’t last, or the range is so limited that by the time you realize you’ve lost your stuff, it’s too late for the tracker to help. Apple’s AirTag is nice, but it relies on connecting to other devices to keep you in the loop to its location. The PaceTrail Global Card Tracker offers you the ability to track your last item wherever it goes in the world. You get GPS, LTE, Narrowband IoT, as well as BLE 5.1 with direction-finding coverage. The rechargeable battery lasts three months between charges. The card offers plenty of other features, such as separation alerts to let you know when the tracker moves too far from your phone. All of this comes in a package no larger than two credit cards stacked on top of each other. The PaceTrail Global Card Tracker recently launched its Kickstarter campaign, and will hopefully begin shipping in early 2022.

Check It Out: PaceTrail Global Card Tracker Fits in Your Wallet

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