App Camp For Girls Quiz Compendium

App Camp For Girls spends a week teaching 8th and 9th grade girls about iOS development. First, teams spend time in Xcode, building a quiz app. Then at the end of the week, each team presents a pitch for their app to a panel of investors. Then at the end of each summer, all the all the quizzes built in all the sessions are compiled into a Quiz Compendium. It’s up to each team to choose a quiz topic, and the door is wide open as far as subjects. This year’s quizzes include “Who Are You in a Cliched Young Adult Novel?” and “What Fruit Are You Most Like?” as two of the 18 in the app. Now that it’s available, pick up the 2016 Compendium for 99 cents, and all sales go to App Camp. (Full Disclosure: Kelly is one of the original App Camp For Girls volunteers.)

ROME: Total War for iPad Release Date Set for November 10th

I get giddy when Feral Interactive releases new information about ROME: Total War for iPad. On Monday, the company set the release date for November 10th, meaning Squeeeeeeeeeee! Oh, and there’s a new video, a playing the game on the iPad video. Man, does it look great! ROME: Total War has been a big franchise on Windows and Mac for a long time, and I can’t wait to play it on iPad. It’s $9.99, and it will be here Thursday.

Horace Dediu's Take on MacBook Pro and Convergence is a Must Read

Horace Dediu has penned a piece on computers, mobile devices, touch input, and convergence that is a simply put, a must-read. Centered around Apple’s new MacBook Pro and Touch Bar, Mr. Dediu defines the difference between the Mac and Windows platforms as it pertains to the ways they are evolving. I don’t want to rewrite his piece, so I’ll just leave you with this passage and encourage you to read the whole thing: “Which brings me to the question of what it is allowed to be and hence what it is. It cannot take on the role of being the future. That belongs to the touch screen devices. It will not morph into a touch device any more than a teen’s parent will become cool by putting on skinny jeans. What it will do is become better at what it is hired to do.”

Luminar Brings Pro Image Editing to the Mac with an Adaptive Interface

Macphun thinks photo editing and enhancement tools should fit your needs instead of forcing you to bend to their will. That’s the idea behind Luminar—Macphun’s new Mac-based image editing app. Luminar is loaded with pro-level photo adjusting tools designed to make your images look great, but instead of locking you into an interface that’s too simple or too complex for your needs, it’s designed to show you what you want based on your skill level and editing style. Luminar is available for pre-order today through November 17th for US$59, or $49 if you already own another Macphun product. It’ll settle into its regular $69 price when it ships on the 17th.

Elgato's Eve Motion Adds Motion Sensor Control to Your HomeKit Network

Elgato just expanded its HomeKit smarthome offerings with its new Eve Motion. The Eve Motion is a motion sensor you can use to trigger HomeKit scenes, like turning on lights when someone enters a room. It has a 29.5-foot range, is splash-proof so you can use it outdoors in areas that are protected from direct rain, and runs for about a year on two AA batteries. Eve Motion is a Bluetooth-only device, so you’ll need a third or fourth generation Apple TV for remote access and control. Amazon is taking orders now at US$49.95 each, and it’ll ship on November 9th.

If You Were Waiting, Which Mac Laptop Did You Buy?

We know a lot of people were waiting for Apple to launch new MacBook Pros before buying one. What we’d like to know, though, is if that includes you, which machine did you actually buy? Tell us in the Twitter survey we’re running.

Mac Observer Apple Keynote Live Coverage

Join TMO‘s staff on a Google Hangouts on Air as we watch and cover Apple’s “hello again” Mac event. Not only will you hear live commentary from TMO staff, you’ll get to see a little behind-the-scenes action as the team publishes coverage of the announcements. You can also post questions and comments, but you’ll need to click through to the YouTube page for the stream to see and use that feature.

Duet Display Update Turns Your iPad Pro into a Real Mac Graphics Tablet

Duet Display was already a great app for using your iPad Pro as a second display for your Mac, and now its latest update makes it a proper graphics tablet, too. The new version supports Apple Pencil angle and pressure sensitivity, so you can draw in apps like Adobe Photoshop without having to invest in Wacom’s Cintiq tablet. You can use Duet with other iPad models, too, but you won’t get Apple Pencil drawing support. Duet Display cost US$19.99 a year, but is temporarily available for $9.99, so grab your copy now.