Video Shows Apple's Look Around is Much Smoother than Google Maps Street View

Apple revealed that there would be a new Look Around feature in Apple Maps at iOS 13. It is similar to Street View in Google Maps. However, a new video posted on Twitter by WordPress developer Reüel van der Steege shows that Apple may have beaten its rival. Look Around seems to be much smoother.

Twitterific 6 With Full Images, GIPHY Integration, and a Subscription

Twitterrific 6 brings a lot of great features and improvements. You can disable video and GIF autoplaying, or choose to have them silently autoplay. With the new integration with GIPHY, you can find just the right GIF, and refine your search with filters like Reactions, Memes, and Swear Trek. Twitter’s new quoted tweets with media is supported by Twitterrific 6. Add media to a quoted tweet, and it will display both in your timeline. A new attachment preview lets you view media and add descriptions. There are three new icons: Crow, Dove, and Neon, five new themes: Dove, Akikiki, Puffin, Falcon, and Parakeet, 12 new “Olliemoji” stickers in the iMessage sticker pack, support for the San Francisco Compact Rounded Font, a High Contrast Text option, and more. App Store: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

AdGuard 3 Brings DNS Privacy, 250,000 Filter Rules, Premium Features

AdGuard is a content blocker for iOS that lets people block trackers and ads in Safari. Its AdGuard Pro app eventually got pulled from the App Store because of new VPN rules. AdGuard 3 brings some of those Pro features to the regular app, and some of them are locked behind a premium subscription. But Pro users can get a free 6-month license key. AdGuard 3 fixes a key issue with Safari. Safari’s maximum limit for content blockers is 50,000 rules. AdGuard now works around this by combining five blocks into one, each separately enabled in Settings and each with 50,000 rules. It also supports DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS. You can read more in the blog post. App Store: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Mathpix's Snip Coverts Screenshots to LaTeX Formulas

Mathpix writes: “Take a screenshot of math and paste the LaTeX into your editor, all with a single keyboard shortcut.” For macOS, Windows and Ubuntu.

Physicist Dr. Sean Carroll tweeted.

How the iPad Helps Boost Children's Education

Apple always likes to make a play of how its devices help people. We’ve had the story of how iOS helped a blind veteran get back on his surfboard, for instance. The company has long focussed on education too. In a feature published Wednesday, it detailed how iPads are being used in schools across Europe. In particular, how they aid students who may not have the country’s language as their native tongue. There’s the school in Germany where access to iPads helped increase in the number of students without German as a first language who graduate. In Wales, students who did not have English as a first language on average improved their grades by 3.8 points.

iMovie 2.2.7 Brings Green Screen Editing, New Soundtracks, More

iMovie 2.2.7 is here, and it brings some cool features. Transform your video with the new green screen effect that lets you instantly remove the background of clips shot in front of a green or blue screen. Adjust the green screen effect with a 4-point mask and strength slider. Choose from 80 new soundtracks in genres including pop, chill, and sentimental that automatically adjust to match the length of your movie. Drop in still images with transparent backgrounds to use as logos or custom graphics on top of your video. Add photos as overlays to create picture-in-picture and split-screen effects. Choose to hide the border that surrounds picture-in-picture and split-screen effects. Instantly return to the edit screen of your project when switching back to iMovie from other apps. ClassKit support lets students deliver video assignments to teachers using the Schoolwork app. For users with videos in iMovie Theater, the Theater window is now accessible from the *** menu at the bottom of the Projects careen. Sharing to iMovie Theater is no longer supported; save your movies and trailers to iCloud Photos to watch them on other devices including Apple TV. Resolves an issue that could lead to a black viewer when previewing your video full screen on an external display. App Store: Free

New Mogul App Empowers Women to Reach Their Goals

The Mogul app was created to empower you to take control of your day. It’s time to focus on making each day matter and take action, small or large, everyday to get closer to your goals. At the heart of Mogul are two rituals to help you own your day. One in the morning and one in the evening. We believe the key to success lies in daily reflection and proactive planning to turn each day into an investment in yourself. So in the evening, check in and reflect on your day. Then, plan out your next day. The next morning, start your day on the right foot with an overview of the previous day that gets you in a positive mindset. See what your day looks like at a glance so that you can be ready to own the day. One of the great features of Mogul is that it integrates with your calendars, so you never have to exit the app to check any other commitments- everything can live in one place. Your goals also live alongside your day-to-day and your to do’s, so you can see what your working on is impactful and leading to success. A success that you care about. App Store: Free

AnyFont 3.0 Brings Folders, iCloud Drive Integration, and More

AnyFont 3.0 makes the app a better font management system. Create folders and sub folders to manage all your fonts; install all within one folder, move fonts in and out of folders, and manage folders and sub folders through a menu. on iPad, you can use AnyFont in Slide Over and Split View mode. Drag & Drop fonts from other apps into AnyFont 3.0, or add fonts from Dropbox or iCloud Drive without having to exit the app. You’ll see font information like creator, copyright, or font family. Share fonts by mail, message, WhatsApp, AirDrop, and more. Fonts you have already installed with have a helpful check mark next to them. In the future, AnyFont plans to add iCloud sync, Google Drive integration, Files integration, and a lot more. App Store: US$1.99 (Offers In-App Purchases).

Chuck Joiner Interviews Dave Hamilton After WWDC19

The Mac Observer’s Dave Hamilton recently appeared on Chuck Joiner’s MacVoices show. Fresh from WWDC19, Mr. Hamilton talks about first impressions of the new Mac Pro (and its intended market), macOS Catalina a geek’s perspective (like the separate system volume), and HomeKit-enabled routers. I liked his perspective on the Mac Pro. The thousand-dollar stand got most of the media attention, but it’s a pro device for specific audiences, such as videographers. There’s a reason why Apple kept comparing the Pro Display XDR to a US$43,000 Sony monitor. Mr. Hamilton also knows routers well, and how Apple is acknowledging that other companies do networking hardware better.