Spark 2.3.4 Adds Support for More Fonts and Text Size

Spark 2.3.4 adds support for more fonts. Now you can choose between various fonts and pick the text size when you’re composing an email. Set a default font type and size for your messages, and Spark will remember it for all future emails. You’ll have other formatting options like text color and highlighting. You can apply different fonts to your email signature, too. As Spark’s blog post says:

The new collection of fonts in Spark gives you the ability to highlight certain phrases or points in a different font, making it easier for a busy recipient to peruse them in a single glance. Your emails will stand out from the crowd and help you leave a lasting impression on the recipient. There are many corporate environments that require a specific family of font to be used in company emails, and Spark will help you write better emails in both personal and professional use-cases.

App Store: Free

EVE Online Invasion Launches Today Alongside New 64-bit Client

Today, CCP Games unleashed EVE Online: Invasion, the newest expansion for the biggest single shared free-to-play spaceship MMO game of all time. EVE Online: Invasion is the first chapter in the Triglavian story, plunging New Eden into chaos, as this inscrutable adversary begins its offensive. Capsuleers will be challenged to meet the threat head on, facing fleets of enemy ships, escalating consequences and earning lucrative rewards. EVE Online: Invasion is available now and is free to download for all players. Invasion will provide a new presence and dimension to gameplay in EVE Online, starting with invading Triglavian forces in the form of roaming fleets laying siege to specific star systems in New Eden. Week by week, events will escalate and Capsuleers will have to directly face Triglavians emerging from Abyssal Deadspace in brand new sites. Finally, players will have to fight for their territory against the massive Triglavian World Ark in a thrilling new combat experience. CCP Games has also confirmed that the Open Beta for the long-awaited upgrade to a 64-bit client starts today on both Windows PC and macOS, which will make better use of available system resources on the machines of EVE’s pilots.

Artpaper Puts 5K Art Wallpapers On Your Mac

Artpaper is a neat Mac app that gives you high quality art wallpapers. You’ll get a new wallpaper every day, or you can change the interval yourself, like getting a new wallpaper every day, week, 2 weeks, or month. It supports multiple displays so you can have a different wallpaper on each screen. All of the wallpapers are scanned paintings from the best museums & galleries across the world, and copyright-free. You’ll get seven packs of photos to choose from, with over 1,000 wallpapers total in the Artpaper collection. The developers wrote their story behind the app: “We hand-picked amazing artworks (copyright-free, of course) from galleries and museums all around the world. Art is something that people have been doing for ages, yet it remains quite inaccessible for most of us. We only see it in museums and galleries. So, we made a simple Mac app which would set a random work from the gallery as wallpaper, on interval. Thus, you‘d always not only see something fresh on your desktop but also be able to catch up on your art education in a very subtle way.” Mac App Store: US$9.99

Throwboy Makes [Apple] Iconic Pillows

From Kickstarter:

“5 throw pillows inspired by 5 iconic, game-changing products of the technology world. Each pillow takes you through a different era in the computer revolution and celebrates the memories we made during these times. Made of super soft, high quality plush material, these 3D pillows feature fine embroidery, smooth contours and artisan style craftsmanship.”

Spansive Launches Multi-Phone Wireless Charger Called Source

Spansive is launching a wireless charger that can charge multiple devices, no alignment needed. Basically, it’s everything that Apple promised with AirPower. Source uses software-defined induction to shape magnetic fields and create the first wireless charging solution that allows every member of the family, regardless of their phone case, to easily charge their devices simultaneously without an unsightly mess of tangled wires. There are thousands of phone cases, all of them unique in their own way — some thin, some thick, some with accessories like PopSockets. To date, the majority of wireless charging pads have only worked with a limited range of phone cases and required exact alignment to charge. Placed in shared locations such as kitchens, living rooms, offices, or bedrooms, Source serves as a central hub for a family’s unique array of devices and helps provide a reminder to put devices down for meals and bedtime. Source is available for US$189.

Play Date is a Handheld Game Console With a Hand Crank

Panic has made iOS and Mac software for over 20 years, like Coda, Transmit, and Prompt. They’re also the creators of the popular Firewatch game. Now they’ve decided to get into hardware with Play Date. To summarize it, Play Date is a black and white Gameboy with a hand crank and a game subscription. There aren’t a lot of details yet, but it sounds like the hand crank acts as a controller, rather than as a way to power the device. The console will cost US$149, ship in early 2020, and come with 12 games as part of “Season One” that will be included.

The games will be delivered over-the-air, once a week for 12 weeks, and they’ll be a surprise: when the new game light flashes, you’ll never know what you’re about to play. Panic recruited some of the world’s best game designers — some well known; others under the radar — to make games exclusively for our system.”

Add Lens Flares, Rain, Fog, and More to Photos With Lens Distortions

For the past three years, Lens Distortions has been part of my photography toolkit. It’s an app that provides you with ways to spruce up your images. You can add lens flares, fake rain, fake fog, fake snow, sparkle effects, and more to your photos. Adding stuff like that can feel like cheating, but if done sparingly and subtly, it can enhance. As the app description puts it: Frame your subject with elegant glass textures. Punctuate your shots with natural sunlight and lens flares. Create atmospheric depth with genuine rain or fog. Lens Distortion gives you the highest quality ingredients to craft the look you want. All of the overlays are created by optically-capturing real-world elements. They are displayed in gallery view, which allows you to see all the filters side-by-side and select the best one for your image. You can easily make an effect stand out for a bold look or blend in for just the right amount of subtle complexity. Sometimes the best effects are ones no one knows you added… Lens Distortions signature effects are hiding in plain sight in the images of many of today’s top photographers. The company also provides desktop tools as well. App Store: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Fly Your Name on the Mars 2020 Rover

NASA explains:

Although it will be years before the first humans set foot on Mars, NASA is giving the public an opportunity to send their names — stenciled on chips — to the Red Planet with NASA’s Mars 2020 rover, which represents the initial leg of humanity’s first round trip to another planet.

“From now until Sept. 30, you can add your name to the list and obtain a souvenir boarding pass to Mars here:

Vignette App Lets You Update Your Contact Photos Privately

Vignette app allows you to change all those ugly grey circles with initials into actual photographs. By searching Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Gravatar—no login required—Vignette will attempt to pair your contacts with their profile pictures on social media. After amassing all these images, using Vignette’s easy to use interface, you can select which avatar you’d like to use, or none at all. Once you’re all set, Vignette will write those updates to your contacts database on your phone. That means in Messages, Phone, and all of your other apps, you see beautiful images instead of ugly initials. Vignette is free to try, but in order to save the updates to your contact list, you will need to buy the one-time in-app purchase. Vignette app runs entirely on your phone; your contacts stay on your device and are never transmitted *anywhere*. Privacy is a critical factor to Vignette; your trust is important and will not be squandered. App Store: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)