Leander Kahney’s Tim Cook Biography Out Today

Leander Kahney’s (Cult of Mac editor) Tim Cook biography is out today. Subtitled “The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level” it tells the story of Mr. Cook’s role as Apple CEO and how he has handled the company after the death of Steve Jobs. It also looks at Mr. Cook’s life before Apple, like when he worked at IBM for 12 years. After that he briefly worked at Compaq, and helped transition the company from in-house manufacturing to creating products overseas with China and Taiwan. He used that expertise when he joined Apple in 1998, where he became a leader at operations and supply chains. I haven’t read the book yet but I look forward to sitting down with it. Mr. Kahney says he didn’t dive into Mr. Cook’s personal life, so it sounds like the book is more about his role at Apple. Apple Books: US$13.99

Star Wars: Episode IX Teaser Released

Now that I’ve updated my Facebook cover image, computer desktop, and phone lock screen, I can tell you: There’s a teaser trailer out for the final movie in the new Star Wars trilogy, released today at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. Aside from the teaser, we also got the title: The Rise Of Skywalker. It’s a teaser as opposed to a “full” trailer, so there isn’t a lot to it plotwise. We get some shots of characters, some shots of locations, and not a lick of context. I’ve only watched it about 20 times though, maybe in another viewing or two I’ll pick up something I wasn’t seeing before.

Bellagio Fountain Gets A Game Of Thrones Overlay

In Las Vegas, the fountain in front of Bellagio has been a landmark since the hotel opened in 1998. Through the years there have been various “shows” with the water set to music, from Andrea Bocelli to Lady Gaga. In honor of the final season of Game of Thrones, there’s a new presentation which includes music from the show, some images projected on the water, and for the first time, fire. If you like the video below, you can check out the Behind the Scenes videos posted by MGM Resorts on their YouTube channel. So far they have posted part one and part two out of four.

This Concept Video Reimagines the macOS Desktop

German video editor Thomas Weinreich created a concept video that gets rid of the desktop metaphor on macOS. Replacing it is a user interface similar to what we get with the iPad. Windowed apps are replaced by full screen apps that can be displayed into multi-window Split Views. Like Ben Lovejoy said,  it seems like maybe it could be similar to what Apple is thinking of. However, I personally don’t believe the rumors of a macOS/iOS hybrid. Additionally, this concept paradigm doesn’t make sense on Macs that don’t have touchscreens. The macOS desktop metaphor might be aged, but I think it makes sense for devices that use a mouse or trackpad. What do you think?

Camera+ 2 Gets a 2.0 Update With a New Design

Camera+ 2 has been recently updated to 2.0. The main focus is the camera itself. In the new design, the app is divided into three categories: Presets, Shutter modes, and Settings. Presets give you instant access to specific shooting modes, like Action Mode, Slow Shutter, and Macro. Shutter modes define how you want to shoot, with a timer, stabilizer, and Smile. Settings give you preferences like showing the grid and horizon level. Besides the new updates, Camera+ 2 offers RAW capture and editing, manual controls, depth capture and editing, and integration with your photo library. You can read more about it on the company’s blog. App Store: US$2.99

Urban Armor Gear Launches a 2018 MacBook Air Case

I’ve long been a fan of Urban Armor Gear (UAG). They have great cases and it’s the company I recommend for rugged cases. They’re launching a slim, rugged case for the 2018 13-inch MacBook Air. It has an armor shell and impact resistant soft core, dual lock secure screen closure, cooling vents for air flow, tactile grip, easy to access ports, and it meets military drop standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6). It’s compatible with only the MacBook Air 13-inch (2018) Model Number: A1932, and not with the MacBook Air 13-inch (2010-2017) Model Numbers: A1369 & A1466. You can pick one up for US$79.95, with free shipping and a one year warranty.

Baseball Training and Lifestyle Network Comes to Apple TV

Stick & Ball TV announced today the launch of a baseball training and lifestyle network that will be coming to the Apple TV through its iOS app. It will have live and on-demand instructional videos and original content designed for players of all ages, as well as coaches. Stick & Ball TV’s CEO Jeremy Harrell said: “The response from coaches, players and industry partners has been overwhelming. Our coaches and partners recognize the passion we possess and see the potential of our streaming platform. They want to join forces to do something that has a long-term, positive impact on the game we love.” The app is free to download and you can get a free 30-day free trial. After that, premium subscriptions will start at US$9.99/month or US$99/year. You can use the code LAUNCH20 to save 20% on an annual subscription, which is valid until April 25.

Jumbo Privacy Assistant Can Manage Your Social Media

Jumbo is a privacy assistant that can manage your social media. It can delete your old tweets, manage your Facebook privacy settings, delete your Google search history, and delete your Alexa voice recordings. Jumbo has no servers, so your data doesn’t leave your iPhone. When it comes to deleting tweets, there are several options to choose from, like tweets from the past day, week, month, and year. Due to Twitter’s API limitations, Jumbo can only clean 3,200 tweets at a time. Instagram and Tinder are coming soon to the app, so you can clean your Instagram photos and videos, and delete Tinder matches and messages. Personally, I also hope support for deleting Reddit posts and comments will come in the future. App Store: Free

Opera Launches Reborn 3 With VPN and Crypto Wallet

Today Opera is launching its Reborn 3 browser. It comes with a VPN and cryptocurrency wallet built in, and it’s also ready for Web 3.0, which is defined as a more intelligent web with machine learning, natural language search, data-mining, and more. You could make a strong argument that we’re already in Web 3.0, although Opera defines “Web 3” as a blockchain-based internet. In any case, the Reobrn 3 browser is ready for it. The crypto wallet syncs between the desktop browser and the Android app, and will be added to the iOS in the future. The update also brings a new, borderless design with light and dark modes. Opera created a short sci-fi film “in which a woman travels through a futuristic world in search of regaining control of her digital life.” You can watch that film here, and download Opera here.