Pay Bills With Apple Pay Using Doxo

A bill payment app called doxo is adding the ability to pay bills with Apple Pay. With doxo you already have a single account from which to pay your bills. With Apple Pay you now have a safe, secure way to pay them. Steve Shivers, doxo CEO, said:

This is just one of many steps we’re taking on our mission to greatly simplify and reduce the hassle of bill pay for our millions of users, and thereby bring new benefits to the billers on doxo.

doxo currently serves over 2.5 million users who make payments to over 45,000 local and national businesses, making doxo the largest bill pay directory in the nation. I looked at doxo’s privacy policy and it sounds legit, too. I’m not sure how this free app makes them money but it doesn’t sound like it’s from selling customer data. App Store: Free

Air & Space Museum Posts Photos of its Star Trek Enterprise Studio Model

The Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum has posted 76 photos of its NCC-1701 Enterprise 3.4 meter studio model.

This model of the fictional starship Enterprise was used in the weekly hour-long Star Trek TV show (NBC-TV), which aired from September 1966 until June 1969.

The model’s principal designer, Walter “Matt” Jefferies, created several different ideas for the Enterprise’s design to fit the requirements provided by Star Trek’s creator Gene Roddenberry. To support the final design suggestion, Jefferies also created a rough 4-inch balsa and cardboard prototype. A 33-inch “pilot” model mostly of solid wood was then built by model-maker Richard C. Datin under subcontract to the Howard Anderson Company. Enlarging the plans for that model resulted in the final 11-foot model shown here.

Experience the Big Bang in Augmented Reality

An app created by CERN scientists lets you experience the Big Bang in AR. Narrated by Tilda Swinton, you’ll go back in time 13.8 billion years and discover how space, time and the visible universe came to be. See the universe form in the palm of your hand. Witness the formation of the very first stars, our solar system, and the planet we call home. Immerse yourself in the primordial mystery of the early universe in space and watch events unfold around you, in your own physical environment. Learn about the microscopic building blocks that make up everything – and everyone – we know, and find out if we really are made of stars. See the universe form as you stretch out your hand in front of your camera. Create the very first particles and atoms. Make a star explode, create a supernova and explore the nebula. See our solar system come together and hold the Earth in the palm of your hand.Find out how we are made from stars, take a #starselfie and share it with your friends. App Store: Free

Angry Birds AR Coming to iOS

The Angry Birds are back, and this time they are in augmented reality. The user sees the view from behind the slingshot, as Chuck, Red, and friends are placed in the player’s surroundings. The trailer shows them popping pigs on restaurant table. Think Pokemon Go, but with birds being fired around instead. Rovio, the firm behind the Angry Birds brand, partnered with Resolution to create the latest iteration (via Techcrunch). Angry Birds – Isle of Pigs is going to launch initially on iOS only. The birds will fly-in this spring.

With This App You'll Be Journaling Like a Stoic

I’ve been interested in applying Stoic philosophy to my life for a while, although I haven’t quite taken the plunge yet. That’s why this app caught my eye. This Stoic journaling app gives you daily journaling, meditations, reflection, and mood tracking. It sets you up with morning and evening routines. Prepare in the morning, so that nothing can surprise you during the day; and reflect on your actions in the evening, get better every day, and iterate faster. You’ll learn reflective exercises like negative visualization: Discover how many things you have in your life that you should be grateful for. Things you take for granted. achievements that you forgot a long time ago. You are luckier and more privileged than you think. Quotes from philosophers are available, and see how your journal entries and mood change over time. App Store: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

WeTransfer Adds a Collage Tool to Paper

WeTransfer added a collage tool to its Paper app. You can clip and arrange multiple images on a page and cut them out or slice them up. This feature can be used for scrapbooking, mood boarding, and visual note taking. And since Paper also added an integration with Unsplash, it’s easy to find a beautiful photo right from the app. Kris Martin, product manager for Paper by WeTransfer, said: “While an army of apps have offered countless new ways to layer, retouch, and filter your photos, there’s still something missing. The simple, tangible experience of clipping and arranging images together has never been faithfully translated to our touch screens. With our latest release, Paper invites creators of all ages to rediscover the experience of cutting and combining images we all had when we were young. It’s simple, intuitive, and useful for creators of any age.” Mr. Martin also wrote an article about the collage tool.

It's Easy to Shoot and Edit Videos with Nizo

I’ve had the opportunity to test Nizo over the weekend, and I think it’s a cool app that makes it easy to shoot and edit videos. It offers nine presets you can use in real time to alter the tones and colors of your video. My favorite is KC1. Each preset also adds a bit of film grain for that old-age cinematic look. Once you’re done shooting, you can edit your video with simple drag and drop. Trim, duplicate, and reorder clips, or move a clip to a different video; add and trim music from your library, or delete a clip by flicking it away. Nizo offers: Auto or Manual modes: ISO, Shutter Angle, WB; 4K video recording at 24 fps or 60 fps; 1080p at 24 fps or 120 fps slow-motion; Toggle wide-angle or telephoto lens; Shoot natural or with a cinematic preset; and 16:9 ratio at 24 fps for motion picture quality. App Store: US$4.99

SXSW: CLEAR Expands Identity Verification from AirPort Security Lines to Point of Sale

CLEAR, the company whose members we all enviously gaze upon at the airport as they breeze past those of us in the TSA Pre-Check lines, is expanding their identity verification technology to point of sale. Testing in some Seattle sports stadiums, CLEAR’s ability to use biometrics to confirm that you are definitively you is helpful for age verification for alcohol sales, but could also just make point of sale simpler, in general. Part of their mission all along, they figured if they could get approval for their tech to be used to confirm identity at airports, it was certainly going to work to add convenience to point-of-sale while also increasing the security of the transactions. Of course, Apple’s introduction Touch ID at point of sale with Apple Pay starting in 2014 has helped the masses understand the usefulness of this technology. That rising tide lifts all boats, including CLEAR’s. Look for CLEAR to roll out more instances of this tech in the coming year.

SXSW: Wi-Charge Uses Infrared to Wirelessly Charge Your Devices

On Sunday at the SXSW Innovation Awards Finalist Showcase, Wi-Charge was showing off their infrared-based wireless power technology. They’re not the only company aiming to deliver wireless power to our devices, but they are the first we’ve seen to use infrared (IR) to do it. Using IR comes with a couple of advantages: power doesn’t degrade over distance, a thin beam can be aimed at the device to ensure full power, and IR is something we’ve found to be extremely safe. Of course, the major downside to using IR is that it only delivers over line-of-sight. Their demo at SXSW was delivering a full 1 watt of usable power, but they say their tech could eventually deliver “several watts” of power up to 15 feet away. Wi-Charge was demoing their tech with LED strip lights, an electric train, and a custom-case for an Amazon Echo Dot, all of which could be powered from an overhead IR transmitter. For your IoT devices or even your phone at your desk, this could someday offer a ton of convenience. Wi-Charge is seeking integration partners to help bring their tech to market.