Pixelmator Pro for the Mac is a powerful image editing app for the Mac, and now it can do even more. The app added Bokeh, Light Leak, and Spin blur effects, an Auto Selective Color adjustment, and more. It’s also on sale for 50% off to make jumping into the new school year a little more affordable. Currently, it’s available for US$29.99 on Apple’s Mac App Store.

Check It Out: Pixelmator Pro Gets Bokeh, Light Leak Effects, On Sale for $29.99

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  1. paikinho

    Not sure I needed it since I rarely use Pixelmator. However, I think maybe this version might have some better application for me and I wish to support someone who is providing a quality product that I may increasingly use.

    Glad to have it for 1/2 off. That did the trick for me to drop some money on it again.

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