Polymail for iOS and OS X Drops Invitation Requirement

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Want to try out Polymail on the Mac or your iPhone? That’s no problem now that it doesn’t require an invitation to download. Polymail is an alternative email app for iOS and OS X that lets you track email messages and receive notifications when they’ve been read, schedule when a message is sent, “snooze” messages for later reference, and even unsend messages. You can download the Mac version at the Polymail website, and the iOS version at Apple’s App Store.

Check It Out: Polymail for iOS and OS X Drops Invitation Requirement

Polymail for iOS and OS X Drops Invitation Requirement

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  1. domsin

    I am desperate for an alternative to Mac Mail. Ever since upgrading to El Capitan Mac Mail has stalled when downloading mail from Yahoo POP mail. I also have other POP and IMAP accounts that don’t seem to have this problem. I have been unable to find a fix for 9 months and I’m hoping to find a more reliable mail client. Can you comment on the performance of Polymail?

  2. Old UNIX Guy

    Jeff – or anyone else reading this … if you’ve tried out Polymail I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts. What do you like and not like? Does it work well with Gmail, Exchange, and IMAP accounts (I have all 3, unfortunately)? How is the SPAM filtering?

    For the last 9 months Apple Mail has been the bane of my existence. At this point I’m not looking for the best e-mail client ever … I’m looking for the one that sucks the least. Is that possibly Polymail?

    And, if anyone has used Airmail 3 I’d be interested in thoughts on it…


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