PopSockets has announced two products for iPhone owners called PopWallet+ and PopThirst. The PopWallet+ is a repositionable wallet that can securely hold up to 3 cards and has a PopGrip attached, providing all the benefits of the original PopGrip. It is also available in MagSafe compatible styles, making it easy for you to slip it off for wireless charging. Hold your beverage of choice, and keep it hot or cold, with the PopThirst, an insulated sleeve that comes with a PopGrip attached for better grasp. The PopThirst is available in both a can holder and cup sleeve. The standard PopWallet+ and PopWallet+ for MagSafe styles range from US$25-US$40, in a variety of colors and patterns. The PopThirst ranges from US$13-US$15, in various designs.

Check It Out: PopSockets Announce Attractive ‘PopWallet+’ For iPhones

PopSockets Announce Attractive ‘PopWallet+’ For iPhones
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