Have you seen the Powerup 3.0? Get this: it’s a motorized propeller for paper airplanes. That’s right, you can make a paper airplane and stick a propeller on it and make it flyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Come on, that’s cool! It’s app-controlled, too, so you use the tilt-controls on your iPhone (or Android device, if—sigh—that’s your jam) to control your MOTORIZED PAPER FREAKIN’ AIRPLANE! Yeah, I know, sure, drones. Drones are cool, yo. I love drones. BUT I’M TALKING ABOUT A MOTORIZED PAPER AIRPLANE! The kit comes with a couple of fold-here paper airplane designs, and there are downloadable templates for other designs, but Ima totally make my own. They say you can get 10 minutes of fight out of one charge, and there’s a couple of different kits you can buy, including one with a stand and extra parts. Kits start at $49.99. I intend to get one and test the crap out of it. You know, because “work.”

Check It Out: This App Controlled Engine Lets You Motorize Your Paper Airplanes

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