Pozio Helps You Take Back Control of Your Privacy

We love our smart devices, especially when we can just talk to them to get things done. However, we’re not crazy about them always listening in. Even when Big Tech promises to protect our privacy, there’s always a shred of doubt. It doesn’t have to be that way much longer, though. A Vancouver company has created the first brand of listening blockers. All you do is place your smart device inside the accessories, and it won’t hear you unless you want it to. With a simple voice command, which isn’t recorded or sent anywhere (the Pozio isn’t even connected to the Internet), you can briefly turn off the blocking. The Pozio Cradle will work with smartphones, even providing Qi wireless charging and an optional Bluetooth speaker. The Pozio Shield is designed for smart speakers including the Google Home Mini and Google Nest Mini. It should also work with Amazon’s 3rd-generation Echo, Echo Dot (2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation), 2nd-generation Echo Plus, and Echo Studio. These accessories will start shipping in early 2022, and you can get special early bird pricing by backing the campaign on Kickstarter.

Check It Out: Pozio Helps You Take Back Control of Your Privacy

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