I am so stoked about this: Civilization VI for Mac is coming! Aspyr announced pre-orders on the Steam platform, with a free Aztec expansion if you pony up before it’s released. The Windows version hits Steam on October 21st. Aspyr said in a blog post that it was shooting for a same-day release for the Mac version, but that they were still working on it. Either way, it seems like Mac users won’t have to wait long. The blog post also noted that the pre-order page specifies Windows right now, but that if you’re pre-ordering from a Mac, you’ll be good to once it hits. I love the Civilization franchise above all other computer games. Civ VI looks super amazeballs, and I can’t wait!

Check It Out: Pre-Order Civilization VI for Mac, Get Free Aztec Expansion

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  1. Bryan Chaffin

    Marcus, we should form a support group. Maybe a few months from now after time has slipped by in a blur of empires and technology advancements…😂

  2. MarcusNewton

    I am also excited about this release. I am also slightly terrified, because I know how many hours of my life I used playing Civilization V, and can only imagine I will do the same for this release if not more.
    I am not sure which is a better performance option, to either get it for Steam or natively through the Mac App Store.
    This release also reminds me of yet another complaint about the Mac App Store, that there is no option for pre-orders. I can pre-order music and videos on iTunes, but not apps on the App Store. I would have thought that paid-upgrades and pre-orders would have been added to the App Store years ago.

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