Matthew Inman, otherwise known as The Oatmeal, has recently launched a new game called Kitty Letter. Kitty Letter is a head-to-head competitive word game where the best linguist wins. Unscramble words using your enchanted language vortex from the multiverse of infinite vocabularinities, collect power-ups from dysenteric deer, and stop your crazy cat-collecting neighbor from destroying your house. Play with strangers or with friends in 1v1 online games; extensive single player campaign featuring an all-new story by The Oatmeal; no collecting cards, coins, or leveling up anything. Just play the game; earn or buy completely powerless cosmetics if you really want.

Check It Out: Puzzle Game ‘Kitty Letter’ Launches From The Oatmeal

Puzzle Game ‘Kitty Letter’ Launches From The Oatmeal
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