If you use a Mac at home but need to use Windows for work or gaming, there are probably a few macOS features that you really miss when you’re in Microsoft land. Well, a free app can help with at least one of those missing features: Quick Look. If you’re running Windows 10, just head over to the Microsoft Store to grab the totally-not-infringing app “QuickLook.” It installs in seconds and gives you an extremely functional Quick Look experience right inside Windows. It doesn’t offer the search/lookup features found in recent versions of macOS, but it’s great for quickly previewing images and documents.

Check It Out: Here’s a Free App That Adds the Mac’s Quick Look Feature to Windows

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  1. JonGl

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve been using Seer when forced to use Windows, but this is so much better–I can see text files, and even Office files. So much closer to what we have on the Mac. Thanks again!

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