Raspberry Pi Smart Home Device Seeks Crowdfunding

One of the coolest Rapberry Pi projects I’ve ever worked with is the Home Assistant software. It brings smart home support to the Raspberry Pi in a much wider fashion than anything else really accomplishes. Some of the folks behind Home Assistant are working on a new project based around that utility. Home Assistant Amber, as it’s called, will allow even the most novice Raspberry Pi user to quickly set up their own smart home hub, with thousands of available integrations. When you buy a Home Assistant Amber, it ships prebuilt, so you don’t even have to assemble the device. It’s even going to be forward-compatible with the upcoming Matter standard, which could position Home Assistant Amber to be a runaway success. It is being crowdfunded, of course. We’re all too familiar with Kickstarter projects that never ship. Hopefully, Home Assistant Amber won’t be one of those.

Check It Out: Raspberry Pi Smart Home Device Seeks Crowdfunding

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