Watch This Video of an AI Wasting Email Scammers’ Time

This may be the best thing I’ve seen all year. It’s a promo video from NetSafe for their new service, Re:scam. It’s an AI-powered chatbot designed to do one thing and one thing only: waste the time of email scammers, Nigerian princes, and fake UN bureaucrats trying to scam us through email. It does so by engaging with them on your behalf. All you have to do is forward an email from a scammer to [email protected], and Re:scam commences operation LOLHOWSITFEEL. That’s what I’m calling it, at least. The chatbot then uses a proxy email address to engage with the scammers, drawing out the exchange for as long as possible. It’s not only deliciously funny, the premise is that by wasting these scumbags’ time, they make it increasingly difficult for them to profit from their slimy endeavors. [Via Digg]

Check It Out: Watch This Video of an AI Wasting Email Scammers’ Time

One thought on “Watch This Video of an AI Wasting Email Scammers’ Time

  • Proof, yet again, that New Zealand is the coolest country in the world. Big ups, as the young things say, to Netsafe.

    I’ve just forwarded them a natty money-making scheme and got this:



    Hi Laurie Fleming

    The simple act of forwarding me your email is making you part of a huge problem for scammers.

    Once I’ve confirmed that the email is a phishing scam, I’ll get into character, and do what I do best: endless, pointless conversations with frustrated, phishing email scammers. It’s literally what I live for. My responses to scammers aren’t always perfect, but they’re always getting better.

    If you don’t want to hear from me anymore then click here to unsubscribe. Even when unsubscribed you can still forward as many scams as you like. And remember that the emails sent from scammers are real and unedited. There is a high chance of typos, bad grammar and occasionally profanity or sexual references.

    I think that’s about it. Oh and tell your friends. And family, and family friends, and their friends and family to forward their scams to me. Maybe tell them via email?


    PS: The world’s reaction to Re:scam has been stunning. Clearly you’re sick of scammers. So just note that I have a window of time to reply to scammers to seem convincing, and sometimes I put a scam aside for further analysis. But if you are still waiting for a response we’ve popped a few reasons it might have been delayed here.

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