CES – RhinoShield Shows off “Mod” Modular iPhone Case

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LAS VEGAS – At CES this week, RhinoShield, makers of thin-yet-strong iPhone cases, was showing off their new “Mod” modular case. The Mod works by letting you put together different parts to create the case that you want. Starting with a bumper you then add a backplate and even a camera lens mount if you like. In each configuration we tested the case was strong and felt cohesive. Holding my phone with the bumper+backplate on it felt like I had one, solid case on my phone. With 11 feet of drop protection, this makes sense! Priced at US$34.99 (or $31.99 plus shipping on Amazon), you can choose different colors and patterns for both pieces of the case. And if you want to change your style, just buy a new backplate and pop it in! RhinoShield mod comes in sizes ranging from iPhone 5 to iPhone X, with everything in between, including Plus-sizes.

Check It Out: CES – RhinoShield Shows off “Mod” Modular iPhone Case

CES – RhinoShield Shows off “Mod” Modular iPhone Case
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