RocksterTek Porta-Guitar Is a Portable Guitar Neck for Practice

RocksterTek Porta-Guitar Is a Portable Guitar Neck for Practice

I’m intrigued by the RocksterTek Porta-Guitar. It’s a collapsible guitar neck designed to let you practice chords anywhere. I imagine one could practice a subset of scales, too. This is one of those products that when I saw it made me instantly think, “Why hasn’t someone does this before?” And maybe they have, but I haven’t seen it. It’s a bit longer than 17-inches long when fully extended and just under 10-inches when collapsed. It can be restrung for lefties, and it comes with its own carrying back. I haven’t tested it yet, but it resonated with me when I first saw it. The RocksterTek Porta-Guitar is $39.95, and comes in black, pink, yellow, green, red, white, or sky blue.

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2 thoughts on “RocksterTek Porta-Guitar Is a Portable Guitar Neck for Practice

  • Mercy, I wish I had seen you review before I purchase this item. The RocksterTek Porta-Guitar sure sounded neat, and the concept is brilliant, if it did what it said it does. You cannot tune it correctly, you cannot even tune it down correctly. Even if you could, the strings do not hold their tuning. Very Sad!! Sinolea’s return policy charges you 20% re-stocking fee, and you pay postage. By that time, it’s not worth the effort sending it back.
    As the other review stated, ” do not purchase!” You’ll be sorry if you do!

    I don’t know how many people will read this, but if I save just one person money, then it’s worth it. This is NOT a functioning guitar. You CANNOT play it. I ordered mine, and as I live overseas and had to pay shipping and an import tax, spent the equivalent of about $100 on this product. I didn’t care, I am a very capable guitar player but do not own a guitar as they take up too much space and are very awkward to carry around. I thought this was perfect for me and honestly would have happily spent $200 if this was what I believed (and was led to believe) it was. It cannot be tuned to a normal guitar tuning – the E2 string goes completely slack before it gets anywhere near an E3, let alone E2. So I tried tuning it two octaves up, and the E4 string (now E6) became so stretched that I was worried it would snap at around E5. As such, this guitar is unplayable. The lowest four strings I managed to tune to around their correct notes, albeit two octaves high, but this is all but impossible as tuning is done with an Allen key (six sided “screwdriver” in case you don’t call it an Allen key in America) and the tiniest little fraction of a rotation jumps about a whole note, so tuning takes ages and is largely based on luck. Fortunately, you needn’t worry about tuning accurately, because the strings lose their tuning pretty much immediately. Even with the four strings semi-accurate, the sound was the most horrible sound I have ever heard from a musical instrument, and I have a friend who plays the bagpipes extremely poorly. All this information is to iterate completely to you that this is NOT a guitar. It is to enable you to practice your chords and chord changing without carrying a guitar with you, and for only this purpose, even without the ridiculous shipping and import tax I had to pay, this is an absolute rip off. If what you are looking for is an expensive piece of very simple, very specifically used (when are most people wanting to practice their chords, but not near their guitar???) tacky plastic practice equipment, then this is great. If you are looking for something fun to show off to your friends, something useful for practice or checking how your playing is coming along when you aren’t near your guitar, a small portable instrument, or something sleek and professional to practice on, this is not the right product for you. Please, PLEASE, do not waste your money like I did.

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