Have you ever prepared a salad and thought to yourself, “I wish a robot could do this!” Well you’re in luck, because a company called Chowbotics Inc. created a salad robot called Sally. The robot is more of a tosser than a chef, as a human must load the device with prepared ingredients. (A word of caution though: the robot apparently can’t handle avocado very well.) It’s main selling point is that the customer can specify their ingredients and even the calorie count of a salad. Plus, the jack-a-nape in front of you doesn’t get to graze on the salad bar with his grimy fingers. The salad robot costs US$30,000 right now and is aimed towards small businesses and grocery stores. Eventually Chowbotics hopes to shrink the technology down to a household-friendly size. Sally is really little more than a stepping stone towards our robot welfare state (as John Kheit says), but it’s interesting to see those steps laid out in front of us.

Check It Out: This Robot Will Toss Your Salad for $30,000


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  1. aardman

    Everyone who’s ever spent time making his own salad knows that the part that you’d really want automate is the slicing of the ingredients. Plus if you shrink this to a household friendly size, cleaning the contraption would be so tedious.

  2. John Kheit

    He’s title of Amy macoberve article ever!!!!

    I full expect lienency for my next off color article title after this! 😜

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