Samsung is such a shady company. The firm’s intellectual property practices have been documented for decades, but Patently Apple found something that illustrates the issue well. In a patent application for removable smartwatch bands also borrowed from Apple Watch, Samsung used illustrations of an Apple Watch. The company did so without attribution or acknowledgement, though it’s unknown if it did so with or without irony. The image below shows two of those Apple Watch illustrations, one with the Apple’s charging and sensor mechanisms. Click through to Patently Apple and you’ll see many more, including a variety of Apple Watch bands, Apple Watch in profile, etc.

Check It Out: Samsung Uses Apple Watch Illustrations in Smartwatch Patent Application

Samsung Uses Apple Watch Illustrations in Smartwatch Patent Application

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  1. Shivasharma Nallaikkumaran

    Oops, Who copied? Another Samsung Haters (Apple lobbyists) propaganda. This site and its writers are brainless iDiots. What a terrible article. The exaggeration in this post. Hey Check out old Samsung smartwatch patents. You don’t know anything. Have your authors any brain?

    The idiots thinking Apple invented smart watch (Or smartwatch designs).

    Smartwatch history (The Samsung invented smart watches)

    In 1999, Samsung launched the world’s first Smart watch phone, the SPH-WP10. It had a protruding antenna, a monochrome LCD screen, and a 90-minutes of talk time with an integrated speaker and microphone.

    2009 – The Samsung S9110 releases a smart watch that is also a phone – sporting a touchscreen, Bluetooth, a music player, and email support. Check out Samsung S9110 -

    The Apple smartwatch is a basic cloning of Samsung smartwatch.

    Check out old Samsung smartwatch patents (Before Apple smartwatch)

    Filing Date: 12/02/2014

    Check out the website -

    Wait and see more information about old Samsung smartwatch patents and pics.

    Also the Apple circular design is a copycat from Samsung. And the circular design has already been patented by Samsung. Who copied? Apple has been stealing other companies ideas for years Steve Jobs was the best at using other people’s ideas. Apple is always copying from every brand. Apple is a shameless copy company. Apple is the founding father of copying. This article seems to lack research. They want people to be misinformed.

    You’re supporting a company that does nothing but steal from others and then use their media influence (Like u) to make people believe the other companies are stealing from them. How much is Apple paying you to say this $. I hope it is significant amount. Confirmed,

  2. RonMacGuy

    OBJECTION, FCOMPTON!! Calls for speculation. Can’t you see that Samdung (er, excuse me, Samsung) is a very reputable company? Trustworthy, upstanding, simply a fine company that would NEVER do any thing wrong!! LMAO.

    What a joke, and very sad that they can continue to get away with this garbage!! The Supreme Court should ban EVERY F$%^ing Samdung technology product from the US until A) they build it here, or B) they stop copying!!

  3. FCompton

    Your honor, we present Exhibit 1: stolen artwork in their patent application. We ask you then, if they are willing to blatantly steal artwork to try and patent “their” device, might they not also steal the IP for the device itself?

  4. NotTellingYou

    Hey Cuda Boy….maybe Apple will release Watch sales figures when Microsoft releases Surface sales figures or Amazon ANY device sales figures.

  5. wab95


    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, that there’s IP theft in this establishment!

    If there is one virtue to Samsung’s business practices, it’s that they’re consistent.


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