Second Star Wars Rogue One Trailer: OMG Darth Vader

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The excitement over Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is building up to a frenzy as its December 16th premiere draws ever closer like a tractor beam pulling us into the Death Star’s landing bay. The excitement hyperdrive kicked in now that the second trailer for the movie is out and OMG it has Darth Vader! There’s also X-wings TIE Fighters, Star Destroyers, and Storm Troopers—but there’s Darth Vader! Crank up your speakers, sit back, and soak up the awesomeness that is the second Rogue One trailer.

Check It Out: Second Star Wars Rogue One Trailer: OMG Darth Vader

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  1. paikinho

    I enjoyed the Force Awakens despite the dozens of incoherent things in it.

    Quite a bit campy…. just like the Original.
    Too much raw copying of mimicry of the Original.
    But way better than the first prequel which after camping out for 2nd showing tickets I nearly nearly walked out of. If Jar Jar muppet had been in one more scene I was ready to pack it in.
    I have never been so close to walking out of a movie I was so disappointed.

    Rogue One looks like a nice ride and I expect it will be.
    Excesses of eye candy, but I am hoping for a bit of darkness and a better more coherent plot as I expect there will be.

    Hope the next in the Trilogy gets more depth too now that they have blasted us with setup.

  2. Xwintelslave

    I had similarly high expectations for The Force Awakens and was similarly disappointed. As I said elsewhere, that movie was, in essence, a rehashing of old plot devices, when it could have (and should have) been a font of innovation for the next trilogy. I only hope Episodes VIII and IX, and Rogue One, live up to the task, though I expect that I’ll get some enjoyment from seeing how the Rebels procured the schematics for the first Death Star, no matter how flawed Rogue One may end up being.

  3. wab95


    Thanks for the link.

    I have to admit, the most recent SW movie left me…cold. No discernible plot, no compelling story, insecure (dare I say, juvenile) and poorly defined characters, an unconvincingly cutesy droid, and atop this tangle (spoiler alert) they killed off Han Solo! The special effects were good but not unexpectedly so. The Force was not with this flick.

    My son, of course, loved it and had me buy the iTunes release. My older cousin swore off SW after the first prequel, Episode I. I found the prequel likeable enough.

    I only hope that Rogue One is a better story, indeed I settle for a plot, otherwise my SW days may be behind me.

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