SetApp-maker MacPaw Opening Apple Museum in Kyiv

MacPaw, the company behind SetApp and other popular pieces of software was found based on a love of Macs. Indeed, the company has a collection of them. CEO and founder Oleksandr Kosovan revealed that it nows opening up that collection as a museum in Kyiv.

Passionate, stirring, reverent love for Macs. The very moment I got my first Apple keyboard, a strong bond was made. That’s how I created CleanMyMac — an app that is all about making Macs cleaner, faster, and stronger. And I think it’s a love confession in itself. But it didn’t end there. As our team in Kyiv grew and created more high-quality software for Mac, it felt very inspiring to be surrounded by our objects of love — the Macs. The first collection of Macs arrived in the MacPaw office from Tekserve, once a repair shop, later an influential Apple dealer located in New York. Over the years, Tekserve collected around 40 Macs from all generations… We’ve long wanted to have a space infused with tech innovation, growth, and knowledge sharing. For us, the inspiration is Apple. For you, it could be something else. Our mission is to inspire you for all the incredible things to come.

Check It Out: SetApp-maker MacPaw Opening Apple Museum in Kyiv

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