Mario fans, Nintendo Mobile and Apple have posted a video of Mario-creator Shigeru Miyamoto drawing the character on an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. The game launched Thursday exclusively on iOS, and Apple has been pushing the game hard. In this video, you see Mario and other characters from the franchise take shape on the iPad screen. Apple also published a blog post about the video and featured it on the company’s website. To me, drawing/art is voodoo. I can’t do it. Watching the process of an iconic figure taking shape is plain fascinating to me.

Check It Out: Shigeru Miyamoto Draws Super Mario Run on iPad Pro (Video)

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  1. archimedes

    Regarding the actual video – Miyamoto is obviously a legendary game designer, but it’s easy to forget that he’s also a visual artist!

  2. archimedes

    Sorry, I got the name wrong – Nintendo’s drawing game/apps are called Art Academy – there are also special Disney and Pokémon versions.

    ArtStudio is an iPad drawing app which I’ve used for some time.

  3. archimedes

    Like most things, drawing is a skill that pretty much anyone can learn!

    There are a variety of iPad apps to help you learn to draw – check them out. One early example which is still on my iPad is Interactive Sketchbook, which includes a couple of intermediate-level tutorials for drawing a portrait from a reference.

    Also there are some interesting tracing apps and assistive software/devices that allow you to create impressive art relatively easily. You might scoff at such techniques, but lots of “real artists” from Andy Warhol to the Old Masters have used assistive devices, the camera obscura being a well-known example. Personally I think tracing helps to improve your eye-hand coordination and also your sense of geometry and proportion. One interesting example is Osmo’s Drawing Masterpiece app, which works with a special mirror to allow you to trace from the iPad onto a sheet of paper.

    I also like Nintendo’s ArtStudio games for the 3DS – I wish they had a version for the iPad Pro/Apple Pencil!

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