Longocase is back on Indiegogo with a new iteration of its Sketchbook case for iPad Pro. I covered the first one and used that first version of the case extensively, and it’s a great case for Apple Pencil artists. The new version on Indiegogo is an update for Apple’s newest iPad Pro models (10.1-inch and 12.9-inch), but it also brings some improvements to the case itself. The idea is to have a case that protects your iPad, has room for your Apple Pencil, but then can fold back out of the way just like a paper sketchbook. it uses wide wire bindings to do this, again, like a sketchbook. Version 2 adds kickstands to the inside panel that work when the case is opened and folded back. It also adds leather to the interior, and features two straps to hold your Apple Pencil in place. Longocase has already hit their modest $2,000 goal with a month left to fundraise. As of this writing, Early Bird pledge levels at $19 will get you a Sketchbook when they ship in August. There are tons of pictures at Indiegogo, and more information on what they’re using the money for. Artists should definitely check it out.

Check It Out: Sketchbook Case for iPad Back on Indiegogo for Version 2

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