Slickwraps has a new wrap for your iPhone that kicks it beige. Well, plus 6 colors. Whatever, it’s old school, with Apple’s original logo and a beige color harkening back to the Apple ][. They’re versions for iPhone 5S/SE to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, all priced at $19.84. See what they did there? The wrap comes with a front and back piece, each of which adheres to your iPhone and is designed to be removable. I’ve no idea if this is licensed, but I’ve a hunch that if you want one of these wraps you should get it sooner, rather than later. Slickwraps called it a limited run, too. As a huge fan of the original Apple logo, I think these are the bee’s knees.

Check It Out: Slickwraps Goes Retro with 6-Color Apple Wrap for iPhone

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  1. furbies

    I’d use one of the “old” coloured Apple logo stickers I have, but they’re too precious. Gollum. Gollum !

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