Found: Sony Patent For Contact Lens That Can Record Video

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This is from 2016, but I just found it. It’s an article at Futurism about a Sony patent for a contact lens than can record video. Think Google Glass, but imperceptible to strangers. Unless the stranger is a Terminator.  I don’t recall seeing anything about this since, and, of course, a patent is always easier than profitable mass production. But it does suggest enormous possibilities. I’ll keep an eye on this technology.

Check It Out: Found: Sony Patent For Contact Lens That Can Record Video

Found: Sony Patent For Contact Lens That Can Record Video

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  1. txaggie90

    This is an interesting concept, but it does reinforce my opinions on patents. Granted, I have not read the actual patent filing, but from the article:

    “The technology is all very theoretical and avant-garde right now, but with so many tech companies scrambling to develop and patent the necessary devices, we can probably look forward to seeing these “smart” lenses very soon.”

    Sony should have never received a patent for this. It is merely a thought process concept of what would be needed to develop a working system. Without the development of the underlying technologies, including the necessary miniaturization of the components, Sony has developed nothing deserving of patent protection. Any competent person in the field of engineering could easily have developed the same base idea and concepts and the patent application should have failed under a “non-obvious” test.

    I believe that it was a mistake when USPTO dropped the requirement for a working prototype to be submitted along with the patent filing. It would do much to eliminate frivolous patents based upon cocktail napkin ideas.

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