Spansive is launching a wireless charger that can charge multiple devices, no alignment needed. Basically, it’s everything that Apple promised with AirPower. Source uses software-defined induction to shape magnetic fields and create the first wireless charging solution that allows every member of the family, regardless of their phone case, to easily charge their devices simultaneously without an unsightly mess of tangled wires. There are thousands of phone cases, all of them unique in their own way — some thin, some thick, some with accessories like PopSockets. To date, the majority of wireless charging pads have only worked with a limited range of phone cases and required exact alignment to charge. Placed in shared locations such as kitchens, living rooms, offices, or bedrooms, Source serves as a central hub for a family’s unique array of devices and helps provide a reminder to put devices down for meals and bedtime. Source is available for US$189.

Check It Out: Spansive Launches Multi-Phone Wireless Charger Called Source

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