Don’t look now, driods, but Sphero has a new model come to spy on your. It’s R2-Q5, an imperial droid in the service of Emperor Palpatine, and it’s enough to send you scurrying for an oil bath! Part of Sphero’s amazing app-enabled droid product line, R2-Q5 is the 4th droid to be unleashed, and he serves as a sort of mirror to the company’s amazing R2-D2. The company said it features emotive waddles, a rotating dome, and bipod or tripod stances. As with the other models, you control R2-Q5 through your iPhone (or Android, if that’s your thing). While different from the R2 models, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my BB-8 unit from Sphero, and I think these R2 units are just amazeballs. It’s $199.99, and initially available through Best Buy.

Check It Out: Sphero Adds R2-Q5 Imperial Droid to Spy on the Other Sphero Star Wars Droids

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