MGM has launched Stargate Command, an online repository for all things Stargate. With some content is available for free, Stargate Command is primarily a paid streaming service for Stargate Origins and the vast back catalog of Stargate TV shows and movies. The Verge noted there were some 354 episodes and three films available, as well as all manner of behind-the-scenes and other superfan content. Stargate Origins is a ten episode streaming prequel that revisits the discovery of the first Stargate in Egypt in 1928. Access to the paid content at Stargate Command is a one-time fee of $20, but as of this writing that will take you only to May of 2018. It’s yet another silofication of streaming content, but at least it’s a semi-one-time fee.

Check It Out: Stargate Command Offers 354 Episodes of Stargate Streaming Plus Stargate Origins Prequel

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  1. Bryan Chaffin

    I don’t know that they’ll pull the other shows from other services, but the new show is supposed to be exclusive to Stargate Command. CBS is doing something similar with Star Trek, and who knows where Disney will go. There’s a gold rush out for IP owners wanting our money. It’s going to be interesting seeing how this all shakes out.

  2. webjprgm

    You call it a silofication. Does that mean MGM will pull Stargate from other services? Hulu currently offers SG1, Atlantis, and Universe (though not the movies, I think). I have no problem with content owners expanding the availability, but I will not be happy with every content owner operating their own streaming service and making their content exclusive to that service. This is in part while I still prefer to buy copies of shows instead of pay for streaming, since I can control how fast I update my TV equipment, thus how long my collection is playable, better than I can control how fast businesses change their deals.

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