The iMac is 20 years old, and it’s the computer that started Apple down the path to become the first company with a trillion dollar market cap. Then interim CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the first iMac on stage in May 1998, and the all-in-one computer shipped on August 15th. That computer shipped with a 233 MHz G3 processor, Mac OS 8.1, a 4 GB hard drive, and was the first Mac with USB. Check out Steve unveiling the original Bondi Blue iMac.

Check It Out: Check Out Steve Jobs Unveiling the First iMac 20 Years Ago

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  1. JonGl

    I think Apple should go back to that Consumer/Pro breakdown, and keep the two very distinct as they did then.

    And man… was it that long ago? Watching this, I vividly remembered the comparisons between the Pentiums and G3s… too funny. But man, I’m getting old. 😉

  2. brett_x

    The first iMac was my first new computer. I waited in line (before it was a thing) 20 years ago to pick up my pre-ordered iMac. Ultimately, it helped lead me to a career in IT.

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