I love Sticky Widgets. These are widgets you can place on your iOS | iPadOS 14 or later home screens that act as sticky notes. It was recently updated to version 3.0 with some great new features. Lists. In addition to classic free-form notes, you can also create lists. Each item can be toggled on and off (even from medium and large-sized widgets) and adding to your list is just as simple as you’ve come to expect from Sticky Widgets. Set note names. A major usability feature, you can now give your notes names and use them to tie notes to widgets (instead of relying on an auto-assigned ID number). Create notes directly from the note list. No need to do the widget-based note creation process of the past (though you absolutely still can). Read or set notes from Shortcuts. Update your notes directly from a Shortcut action, and read your notes programmatically as well. Undo/redo. Mistype something or accidentally delete some of your note? The new undo/redo buttons are here to help. Import/export. For those important notes, you can now export your whole note library for safe keeping, importing them back to Sticky Widgets at a later time. Improved syncing. The entire cloud backup and syncing layer has been rewritten. Substantial design and Ul improvements. The whole app has had a touchup, especially the note editor with an all-new edge-to-edge design.

Check It Out: Huge 3.0 Update to ‘Sticky Widgets’ Brings Lists, Shortcuts Support

Huge 3.0 Update to ‘Sticky Widgets’ Brings Lists, Shortcuts Support
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