Every time you use Facebook’s new Reaction emoji, you’re providing the company with a greater insight into your emotions. With this addition to Facebook’s data collection, advertisers can build a better profile to target you with ads. Facebook could even carry out more emotional manipulation experiments. But there is a new way to defeat this kind of surveillance with a browser extension called Go Rando by Benjamin Grosser. When you react to a post, it randomly chooses one of the six reactions. Over time, you’ll appear to have perfectly balanced views to Facebook’s algorithms. Benjamin has even open-sourced the extension, and you can install it for most popular browsers. You can find instructions on Benjamin’s blog.

Check It Out: Stop Facebook’s Emotional Manipulation With This Tool

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  1. dhp

    That’ll fool them! Of course my friends will think I’m angry at their cat photos and laughing about their sick grandmother, but what’s the harm?

    • Andrew Orr

      There are certainly unintended consequences. I guess it depends on how much you want to screw with Facebook 🙂

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