TAP Wearable Finger/Chord Keyboard Available for Pre-Order

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TAP, the wearable finger/chord keyboard, is available for pre-order. I wrote about this device in the prototype stage back in May of 2016. I said then that it might make sense, and now the company is ready to release. TAP reminds me first and foremost of the Atreides battle language from Dune. In the books, the language was used to communicate by tapping your fingers on someone else (while optionally having a different conversation with your mouth). When I watch TAP in action in the video below, it’s how I’ve always envisioned Frank Herbert’s idea. TAP works with a chord metaphor. They slip over your fingers and map your finger movements to chords that represent letters. Simply tap away to type wirelessly…anywhere. In any event, they’re available for preorder for $129, and each comes with a charging case. The company said they’d begin shipping in late December. We’ll be testing these puppies out.

Check It Out: TAP Wearable Finger/Chord Keyboard Available for Pre-Order

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  1. HorowitzPuah

    I really like the idea of being able to type without having to look at the phone – very convenient while walking and sitting in meetings

  2. geoduck

    Interesting concept. Useful if you’re a touch typer. For those of us that look at the keyboard, I’m afraid it’s useless though.

    • Bryan Chaffin

      Chakobsa was a Fremen language. If I remember, the Bene Geserit used it, too. Perhaps I’m misremembering what the finger language was called. I’ll have to dig out my books.

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