Tesla Owners Should Buy This 4-in-1 USB Hub

Jeda USB charger

Jeda’s 4-in-1 USB hub is a useful product to consider if you own a Tesla. Designed for 2021 Tesla Model 3/Y refreshed center consoles, the top compartment can be used for items that you use more frequently, such as a pen or wallet. The bottom compartment is accessed via a sliding door and serves to ensure your most valuable objects are hidden and protected. If you have a smartwatch and/or wireless headphones, you can use the new Jeda USB Hub Console to charge them. The charging points are compatible with Android and Apple watches and headphones. If you don’t own those devices, you can still utilize the charging locations to store other common objects such as your Tesla Key Fob Card, pens, coins, and more.

Check It Out: Tesla Owners Should Buy This 4-in-1 USB Hub

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