Tesla Battery Upgrade Will Boost Range to 315 Miles

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Tesla announced Tuesday a battery upgrade for some Model S sedan and Model X crossovers. The batteries come with a significant price tag of US$20,000, but will boost the range of the Model S to up to 315 miles. The Model X will have a range of up to 289 miles. Both cars will also be even faster in Ludicrous mode, which is a tad scary sounds really fun. The batteries can be purchased as an upgrade for $20,000, or in new model designations that have the batteries built in. These improvements are significant, as range is one of the great limiting factors for electric vehicles. Tesla has been a leader in automobile battery technology, and the company is likely to set whatever bar Apple Car is compared to when it’s eventually released.

Check It Out: Tesla Battery Upgrade Will Boost Range to 315 Miles

Tesla Battery Upgrade Will Boost Range to 315 Miles

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  1. The news of the new battery pack was exposed back in March. The P100D badge was found when a Tesla owner hacked the software and found it. A few weeks ago the Dutch regulators RDW database exposed the new battery pack and it was posted on Kenteken.TV. I suggest Green Car Reports to anyone that wants to stay abreast of uhhhhhh, Green car tech.
    There you will find such things as the new WIRELESS charging system Tesla is rolling out in a few weeks – listening Apple? Something you can copy when and if …..(for your devices, not the vaporware “car”)

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