This Raspberry Pi Jack-O-Lantern Follows Passersby

Halloween is approaching faster than some would like. Here’s a great piece of interactive decor that’s bound to give your house top marks on the spookiness factor. Maker Caleb Lemoine put together a jack-o-lantern that uses Raspberry Pi, a home security camera, and a servo motor to really creep out anybody walking past. As soon as the camera detects someone walking in its field of vision, the Raspberry Pi sends commands to turn the jack-o-lantern. Your scary pumpkin decoration just became even more frightening. This Raspberry Pi jack-o-lantern actually follows anybody walking past. Lemoine got the idea from Ryder Damen, whose porch piracy prevention project we’ve covered in the past. Damen’s version used a mannequin head, but Lemoine thought a jack-o-lantern would be more appropriate. I definitely agree, and this is a project I want to replicate this year.

Check It Out: This Raspberry Pi Jack-O-Lantern Follows Passersby

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